Damien Lee

“Experience brings relationships… relationships bring results”

Having negotiated well over half a billion dollars worth of custom build property deals, we are very excited to have Damien as the head of our dedicated in-house acquisitions department. His insight into the custom build process, and ability to find and create the most value in a deal is extremely valuable to all our partners and clients. His experience makes him a walking encyclopedia of knowledge on anything you could want to know about construction, custom builds, mini-developments, land development and of course he has invaluable insight into the broader property market.
Damien assesses at least 500 deals a week but yet it is only around 1% of them meet his stringent standards and make it through to our clients.

As leader of this part of our business Damien has two critical roles.

  1. He is the communication channel between our clients and our professional property partners. This frees our partners to focus on what they do best, creating high quality real estate and not be burdened with the time and expense of managing clients. This is not only beneficial for our professional partners but for our clients too. Clients are freed from the burden of constant decision making, phone calls, relationship building and build management so that they can become hands free investors. Additionally clients can enjoy far better results thanks to his knowledge and ability to see opportunities the vast majority of people would miss.
  2. Damien forms the industry relationships needed to get great deals for our clients. “Experience brings relationships… relationships bring results” is his motto. Our wholesale professional partners want to deal with fellow professionals who are experienced and know how to act quickly on an opportunity. With his experience to negotiate exceptional deals and our combined buying power we can be consistent partners to large developers who value stability and reliability from their partners. Through Damien’s relationships we get access to deals we could never get as individual investors.