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    Unless we can show you how we can add significant value to your bottom line, and you can show us that you have the ability to secure the profitable project we put together, we do not take you on as a client. It’s that simple. The last thing we both want is to waste your time and money, if we are not the right fit for each other.

    Caifu Property was established in 2015. Since then we have helped over 1,200 clients build significant equity to their property portfolios. In 2022 our average Gross Uplift on completion across all projects was $174,657!

    We are not tied down to any particular developer, vendor, agent, geographic location or any particular type of property. We work for our clients and our clients only. We are at complete arms length on every transaction. We have a vested interest in our clients success, because we know that the results we help our clients achieve, and the experience they have with us, means that we continue to build a long term relationship. (not a one off transactional one) It really is a win/win.

    We find opportunities that are under market value, that we can then add value to through doing small developments, so that on completion you have options and do not become stuck! Through generating significant equity on completion, our clients have options to continue to grow their portfolio, at a much faster rate than your typical retail investors.

    It’s your money that you are investing, so you have to be comfortable in the project you are acquiring. It’s our job to give you the clarity and confidence you need to make a fully informed decision, before you pull the trigger on any one acquisition. If you don’t like a project or location, simply pass on it! There is no sleezy sales pressure to transact on any project. Thus, you keep seeing projects until you have the clarity and confidence to take advantage of it!

    We are not licensed to give tax advice, hence not able to answer this question directly. However, see link in which this question has been answered by a licensed accountant.

    It is a one off fee with the option to renew your membership on an ongoing basis. You should only renew your membership IF we are adding a tonne of value to your bottom line and IF you can continue to take advantage of the profitable projects that we have. If you still want us on the task of making you money, then you renew. If you don’t, then you don’t renew.

    You get access to a personalized property strategist to help you define and implement a strategy that is going to set you up towards your goals and objectives. You get access to a personalized property coach who will help guide you through all the property research and due diligence reports. You get access to the profitable property acquisitions that the team source and implement. You have a personalized contracts manager who will help you through the construction and building process. You get access to all our professional circle such as accountants, mortgage brokers, solicitors, property managers and so on.

    No, our fee is not refundable once you have joined the program. We have a multi stage sign up process which gives ample opportunities to have all of your questions answered and make a fully informed decision. Once you commit to the program, we then 100% commit to you.

    Within 12 months of submitting your first Sales Advice on a project you can do as many acquisitions as you like without having to pay an additional membership fee. After 12 months of submitting your first Sales Advice, you will need to renew your membership in order to keep getting access to opportunities.

    The membership is valid for 12 months from when you submit your first sales advice on a project. Sometimes clients may need to organize tax returns, sell underperforming assets, have an overseas holiday planned, so we get it, life happens. Thus, there is no time pressure from us to rush into a purchase ill prepared.

    Put simply, there is significantly more man hours that are required to pull these profitable projects together. You get to see all the projects and the results they generate before you are required to pay the fee. It’s only once you have done all your research and due diligence, and you are happy to proceed with the project, is the duplex acquisition fee applicable. For more information, click here.

    Our acquisitions pipeline is constantly changing and evolving with multiple opportunities to choose from at any given time. When you come on board you work directly with your own personal property coach to secure the best acquisition based on your strategy and budget.

    We limit the number of new members we take on each month to 15. This is to ensure that there are adequate opportunities for our clients to access and take advantage of. It’s also important to note that all our clients are at different stages of their acquisition process. I.e You may need to sell underperforming properties, go through an equity release, complete tax returns and so on.

    As soon as you come onboard you will have access to all the projects that we believe are good value buying opportunities. You then work directly with your property coach on all available and up and coming opportunities. New projects are analyzed daily and as soon as they get approved The Caifu Way, you will have access to them.

    Yes. The 12 month membership only starts once you submit sales advice on your first project. In the meantime, we can help you get your finance structures and purchasing entities set up, get your tax returns done, sell any non performing assets etc. You may even be able to secure a project where you do not need finance approval (development pipeline deal) for months down the track.

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