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We Are Caifu.

Our Story

Caifu Property is a done-for-you real estate development company that was founded in 2016 by two real estate experts, Drew Evans and Damien Lee. Born from a passion for real estate and a drive to help time poor busy professionals grow their wealth and make their money work for them, Caifu has helped hundreds of people increase their wealth through our Automatic Equity Program.

We live by the ethos “if we would not advise a family member to purchase a property we are presenting, then it is not worthy of our clients.”

We manage everything for our clients, from land acquisition right through to when they get the keys to their completed projects! We are always striving to exceed our client’s expectations in all aspects of their investing journey, which is why they come back to us time and time again.

Meet The Caifu Team

Drew Evans

Director – Head Of Strategy

Damien Lee​

Director – Head Of Acquisition

Karin Jackson​

Operations Manager

Shane Foster

Portfolio Strategist

Lewis Mitchell

Property Coach

Josh Pegg​

Programs Manager

Alarna Bolton​

Applications Manager

Lilla Barrett

Marketing Manager

Jordan Giltrap-Ryall

Senior Mortgage Broker

Jackson Rainger

Mortgage Broker

Matthew Cathcart

Mortgage Broker

Sanjeena Singh

Settlements Officer

Development Stakeholders

They say it takes a village to raise a child and a development project is no different!

There are a range of experts required to bring a project to life. Here are some of the stakeholders that help make it possible. 

Who We Serve

Our clients are typically high-earning busy professionals who are aware of what they want to achieve within their portfolios but they simply do not have the time, skills, experience or industry contacts to bring it all together. Thats why they leverage us!

We maintain a strict application process and cap the amount of clients we work with to 15 per month. This ensures that we are able to focus on finding our clients the best investment opportunities and give them the attention their projects deserve throughout their time working with us.

Our clients share common goals:

  1. Generate instant equity, positive cash flow and massive tax deductions.
  2. Pay off their own personal home loans as soon as possible.
  3. Set themselves up for retirement via building up passive income.
  4. Not having to work as much by using property as an income supplement.
  5. Helping their children get into the property market
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