real estate sales-gun Needed

Prequalified, motivated buyers need someone to help them buy the best piece of real estate their money can get.

Have you ever worked with clients who have actually paid money to access your stock? That’s the situation you will be in with this job.

This role has been specifically designed to take a high performer to the next level. You will already be performing and you’ll be making $150,000 in your current role and you are now looking for that next step up.

The right person for this role will:

  • Love selling real estate and is passionate about closing deals
  • Only wants to work with pre-qualified committed buyers
  • Want to have access to stock from multiple areas and markets
  • Love helping people
  • Excited to help people make money
  • Feel like a natural born sales person
  • Be strong at communicating and selling over the phone
  • Not be afraid to take control of the sales process and guide the client to the right deal.
  • Be highly motivated by results and have personal income goals
  • Take accountability and do what it takes to meet the client’s needs and get a result.

You will also be jealous of leveraging your time and you only want to use it to produce. You don’t want to waste valuable selling time with:

  • Canvassing and cold calling
  • Sitting in traffic
  • Giving time to tyre kickers and unqualified buyers
  • Open homes
  • Searching for listings

We have also eliminated the aspects of a typical real estate office that we know drive people crazy.

  • You get full admin Admin support
  • Zero conjunctions on sales commissions
  • No upsells required, like selling marketing packages
  • No waiting around for a lead, you get 10 motivated buyers every month
  • No getting paid on a debit/credit arrangement

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