Equity Builder

Equity Builder is our more entry level program. This is designed for people who are just starting out and have limited borrowing capacity and can’t access some of our higher performing deals. We focus on mechanical momentum deals that are very affordable and let the developers drive your prices higher, building your equity much faster than the surrounding market. Additionally, we show you how to use your tax deductions and cash flow to make large dents in your personal mortgage building your equity significantly quicker than what you can do if you were just saving alone. Once clients build enough equity in this program they can graduate into our cornerstone Automatic Equity program and start to add multiple properties to their portfolio for even better results. Click here for more details.

Automatic Equity

This is our cornerstone program designed for people who want to add double the value of their salary to their property portfolio every 12-18 months. In this program we use a combination of instant equity deals and Mechanical Momentum  to keep your portfolio growing no matter what the rest of the property market is doing. Market maturity will give you that longer term wealth but it is not a consistent or reliable way to grow a multi-property portfolio.

Multi-property portfolios are complex and require a lot of work between our strategists and finance partners to get the balance of properties in your portfolio just right. Investors who are stuck and can’t more forward have usually failed to get this balance right and bought properties that are holding them back not pushing them forward. Click here for more details.

Equity Developer

Join the “Two Comma Club”. This higher end program is designed for people serious about creating wealth and who want to add over $1,000,000 of equity to their portfolios through instant equity developments. As part of this program, we find you property deals with a minimum of 6 figures of instant equity in them but with the added bonus of having all the typical risks of doing a small development removed.  Deals in this program start at the $700,000 price point so clients will require a solid borrowing capacity and buying power.  Click here for more details.