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three ways we create equity

Instant Equity

Property deals with anything from $70,000 to $251,000 of instant equity. When you build a property for less than its end valuation you instantly create your own equity. We find “done-for-you” instant equity deals for our clients and manage them through to completion.

Mechanical Momentum

Property that grows 4-5 times faster than the surrounding suburb. Billion dollar property developers know how to control prices and incrementally increase them no matter what the surrounding suburb is doing. We position clients into these areas for superior results.

Market Maturity

Long term market forces that can see your property eventually double and triple in value. We make sure our clients are in markets where the population, infrastructure and employment are all set to push prices higher to ride this longer term growth.

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Automatic Equity

When you look at how they did it, it's an obvious fact that none of Australia's best property investors have used the typical buy and hold approach to build their portfolios. The buy and hope approach simply doesn't allow you to grow quickly, because you are held back by market growth and by your income. There's an automatic ceiling built into how far you can get because of your borrowing capacity. However, when you know how to take control of creating your own equity, that opens the door to growing a large portfolio quickly, safely, and predictably.

The Automatic equity program was designed for busy professionals who want to get professional results from their investments, but don't have the spare time. This program allows you to leverage time and money because you outsource the groundwork to skilled, licensed professionals in the finance, real estate and development fields.

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You could do all of this yourself and make your own mistakes, or you could leverage yourself with the help of my team and myself.

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