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Instant Equity

Property deals with anything from $70,000 to $251,000 of instant equity. When you build a property for less than its end valuation you instantly create your own equity. We find “done-for-you” instant equity deals for our clients and manage them through to completion.

Mechanical Momentum

Property that grows 4-5 times faster than the surrounding suburb. Billion dollar property developers know how to control prices and incrementally increase them no matter what the surrounding suburb is doing. We position clients into these areas for superior results.

Market Maturity

Long term market forces that can see your property eventually double and triple in value. We make sure our clients are in markets where the population, infrastructure and employment are all set to push prices higher to ride this longer term growth.

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The biggest learning lesson from the Caifu team is to undertake comprehensive research of locations that will provide potential for highest growth. The Caifu team are excellent at providing tailored solutions to meet personal needs, the team are always willing to assist in any enquiry and communicate well. My experiences with Caifu Property have been positive, they assist with every single step along the way, I do recommend them to anyone that is interested in property investment.

Leo C

As a first timer into the property market everything seemed very daunting and confusing but throughout the entire process the team at Caifu have helped out beyond all expectations, if they miss a call they call back as soon as they can, if they hadn’t heard from me in a while they would ring me to see how I’m going with everything and always ask if there is anything they can help with, if I have a question they are always there to answer it. Not only have they helped me with all aspects of building my investment property, I have learnt so much about the property market, and things to look for when choosing an area to invest in. I had been to a few different property investment seminars prior to hearing about Caifu and always left feeling like they weren’t disclosing everything. From my experience with the team from Caifu Property they seem to be 100% genuine. To date I can not fault them and would highly recommend them to anyone looking to invest in property as they are very approachable down to earth guys with a remarkable understanding of the property market.


The Caifu team has been fantastic, and did an awesome job in matching our needs and circumstances. We were new to investing in property and to start with we found the whole concept of investing pretty scary and complicated. With the step by step process of the Caifu Way program we started to get ourselves educated to the point where property investment is now very exciting. We have since purchased our first investment property, with the Caifu team supporting us along the way. They were always available to help and answer questions, going above and beyond for us. We have achieved impressive capital growth already and will definitely be looking to purchase our next property through them again. Thank you for your help through such an important time in our lives; we have already been recommending you to our family and friends.

Suz and Gavin W

From day one and our initial one on one meeting and introduction to the Caifu way we felt confident that the information presented to us based on our present financial situation showed that we were actually costing ourselves money and lifestyle in the future by not using the assets we had accumulated to grow our wealth. If I am completely honest I think we knew this was the case but we didn’t have the knowledge and expertise to overcome the fear of making a mistake in our choice of property and location.

Paul and Linda G

The biggest learnings we discovered were about are vacancy rates, current yields and the understanding of positive cash flow. Our favourite part was having the opportunity to deal with a team of professionals i.e broker, lawyer and builders to further inform us of what we needed to know going forward. Caifu Property group gave us the knowledge and understanding about property finance and future infrastructure developments to enable us to invest in a property that best suited our plan. They’re a reliable and approachable company, willing to answer and help with any concerns you may have. They provided us with professional and reliable contacts that helped us every step of the way, with no fuss.

Krystal and Philip M

Since working with the Caifu team, they have helped us factor in these costs and revaluate this investment so we can continue to invest in more properties with ease. With Caifu’s help, we are now onto our third investment property and achieving our goals.

As well, it’s refreshing to know these people who are helping to guide our retirements also take the time to know their customers. They are all the kind of people who will always remember my partners and myself name and genuinely catch up about things outside of work.

Kyle Smith

Thanks to Caifu’s expertise and knowledge it took all the guesswork out of purchasing our property. We learnt many lessons along the way, the biggest for us being that not all debt is bad.

We could not give the team high enough praise for the support and guidance we received throughout the process, answering any questions we had and explaining things more than once if needed,

We have no hesitation in recommending them to anyone looking to invest in property.

Shane & Kylie

As first time investors, using the help of Caifu ensured that we maximised the returns while keeping a balance between yield and capital gains that suited our family budget. The best part of using Caifu was knowing that the due diligence work had all been done for us.

If you are looking for an investment opportunity that suits you and has many of the risks managed for you, Caifu is the way to go. We were truly impressed.

Carlos – Sydney NSW

Investing can often be time consuming, intense & stressful. I have found working with the Caifu Property team to be the complete opposite, especially as I am doing it from the other side of the country!

The team is always willing to help with any questions, no matter how big or how small. I was coached and mentored on all aspects of property investing, not simply just about purchasing property.

Natasha V CEO@google.com

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