People make the mistake of thinking we sell property

People make the mistake of thinking we sell property, but we don’t. We work on behalf of our clients to find instantly profitable property deals.

If a property isn’t profitable today, based on today’s pricing, we don’t touch it and we definitely don’t waste our client’s time with it either.

The typical retail investor operates very differently. They buy something and then hope that they make a profit, our clients don’t want to invest that way. Our clients, they want to know they’ll make a profit, with absolute certainty. They don’t want to be locked in to hoping for future growth to know they’re making a profit.

As you can probably imagine, these kinds of instantly profitable deals aren’t easy to find, that’s why people pay me to find them for them. If you go to and look for profitable deals, they simply aren’t there. Deals with $500 thousands dollars of equity in them, are never advertised on websites like that.

Here’s what’s happening in the background of the property market, that retail investors never understand… and ultimately, this is why they are at such a massive disadvantage to the professional investors.

Buying land is easy right, anyone can do it, there’s heaps of it for sale online and there’s estates everywhere with land for sale. But there’s two types of estates, and they produce very different results.

The first type are the ones you want to be in because they are highly profitable. These estates have extremely tight limits on the number of blocks they will sell to investors and it’s often as low as only one in every 10 blocks. These are the best estates to invest in because the owner occupiers really push up the values for us because they build the most expensive homes they can afford. This then naturally drives up the desirability of the development and as a result, prices in the estate accelerate faster than the surrounding market.

As an aside, this also means there are very limited rental properties available in an area of high desirability so as a result, we get our pick of the tenants.

Now obviously, as professional investors, we know which estates have these limited investor blocks, so to get access to them, we are talking to the land developers early, sometimes years before they release their land, and we lock away access to these extremely limited investor blocks.

So obviously, being so limited, these blocks are never advertised online or listed with the local agent. They simply aren’t available. This is what we call an off market property deal.

So you’re probably wondering about the investor blocks you have seen for sale online. What’s the deal with these? These blocks are in that second type of estate, the ones that you really don’t want to be in. These estates are not limiting the investor blocks available and they will sell their land to anyone, just to clear out the estate. As a result, the desirability factor in these estates simply isn’t there and as a result, prices stay pretty flat in estates like these.

Chances are, when you see an investor block advertised online, you are seeing something in an estate like this second kind and you really want to avoid them.

How we manage to make the deals profitable and how we can guarantee our clients that they’ll make $50,000 in equity in the next 6 months.

Access to blocks is one thing, but access to profits is even harder again. That’s why our clients actually end up seeing around 1% of the deals we examine. 99% of them don’t pass the grade and don’t have enough profit built into them for us to bother. That’s also why we have such limited stock available, we’re talking just 12 to 15 deals a month. People who think there are hundreds of instantly profitable deals laying around, simply don’t understand how the property market works. Instantly profitable property deals are a very hard to find, and that is exactly the service we provide for our clients. If you’re happy paying full retail rates, then you don’t need me, hop online and buy in your favourite suburb. It’s easy. Why waste your money on my service if that’s all you’re going to do.

But on the other hand, if you want instant profits, and you want to make a minimum of $50,000 in the next 6 moths, that’s exactly what I can do for you.

So how do we make that profit for you? As I said before, these estates have a high desirability factor in them. Owner occupiers are moving into them and building the best houses they can afford, and sometimes can’t afford, and that drives prices higher and higher.

They key to making money instantly as an investor, is knowing how to build properties with the same kind of desirability as the owner occupier homes in the area, but for much less money.

Owner occupiers, they make emotional decisions and that means they end up overspending on their homes. We don’t make that mistake and that’s where we can generate our profit even before prices get driven higher and higher by the owner occupier market.

So before we go into an estate, we look at what people are building to make sure we are creating a similar product. Then we need to know what they’re spending on these properties, so we need to know what are they selling for right now.

As an example, if the established baseline is a 4 bedroom, 2 bathroom property in this estate and they are currently selling at $550,000, we want to know, can we create our property for less than this and make a profit.

This is then where the real work then begins for our building partners. They have to get us a house design that will not only work on the land we have access to but it can also be done for a profit. So if the land costs $200,000, they need to be able to deliver a fully completed house for us for $300,000 or less.

So $200,000 for the land, $300,000 for the build, that’s a fully completed property for $500,000 but we know already that desirable properties like this are selling for $550,000. This is exactly how we make $50,000 in 6 months… and often much much more.

This approach to investing, it’s simply taking a business or professional approach to property investing, and buying wholesale. It’s not falling for the trap of taking a retail approach to investing and paying full retail rates and then hoping to make a profit, one day.

That’s why I say that we don’t sell property, that’s not what we do. Rather, what we do is find instantly profitable property deals for our clients, and give them access to off market property deals that they could never access on the own as an individual investor.

This is how I can help you make money. By using off market, wholesale property strategies to create instant equity for you, from day one.

I am looking forward to talking with you soon and figuring out the answer to that questions of “how much money you can afford to make this year?”

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