$391,000 Of Instant Equity From My Two Latest Investments, And That’s Before Any Market Growth Pushes Their Values Up Even Higher.

Do you know how much money you will make from your property investments in the next 12 months?

Buy Land at a $70,000 Discount and Make a 16.27% Return on a Duplex Development

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The Two Tactics That Made Me $1.98m in 5 Years

$211,000 - $251,000 Instant Equity

Instant Equity is all about building a property for less than the end valuation. This instantly give you new equity to skip straight through step #3 and move onto your next investment.

Land Cost: $365,000 

Build Cost: $524,000

Total Development Cost: $889,000

Written Appraisals: $550,000-$570,000 per side. $1.1-$1.14 million

Instant Equity: $211,000-$251,000

Return on Cost: 24.8% to 28.2%

Rental Yield: 5.5 to 5.8%. 

After Tax Cash Flow: $6,583 in year 1

$135,000 in 6 mths Mechanical Momentum

Mechanical Momentum is all about riding the stage by stage price increases of professional land developments. Multi-billion dollar companies push prices higher and higher with each new stage 

Stage 1B: $339,000 - I invested in this stage

Stage 1C: $349,000

Stage 1D: $359,000

Stage 1E: $369,000

Stage 1F: $379,000 - $40,000 increase

Next Two Stages: $410,000/lot - $80,000 increase in less than 6 months.  

Recent sale: $135,000 higher than my property (for a house with a 10% smaller floorplan and no pool)

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Queensland Office 

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Instant Equity Creation: See the process we use to add an average of $227,000 to each of our small developments in 2018.

How we eliminate risk: There are 3 ways we remove all the typical risks involved in doing a small development. Learn how to avoid these common beginner mistakes.

How we guarantee profit in every deal: Buying under market value gives you an automatic equity advantage. We never pay full retail rates. 

How To Access These Deals Now: What to know how much it costs to work with me? This isn't a secret, it's all explained in the video so you are not hit with any nasty surprises.

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 IMPORTANT: Are you a time poor investor? The Automatic equity program was designed for busy professionals who want to get professional results from their investments, but don't have the spare time. This program allows you to leverage time and money because you outsource the ground work to skilled, licensed professionals in the finance, real estate and development fields.

Money Maker #1
Under Market Value

Money Maker #2
Torrens Title Duplex

Money Maker #3
Mechanical Momentum

You are buying this land at $70,000 under market value so you start with an automatic equity advantage. The land estate across the road not only established the price benchmark for us but it show the local demand levels as it completely sold out.

Torrens title properties are more desirable and therefore more valuable than strata title properties. So for the exact same building, thanks to the Torrens title, we create a more valuable property and our instant equity is worth $140,000.

These blocks in stage one of this development and, as each stage is released in these estates, the developers creep the land price higher and higher. There will be 800 lots in this estate which will be anything from 25-40 stage releases

Do You Know How Much Money You Will Make From Your Property Investments In The Next 12 Months?

The successful investors I know, they can always answer this question with a lot of certainty because they control the outcome of their investments. They know what their profits will be beforehand.

People who invest like a retail investor, usually give a very different answer. They are usually unsure about how much money they are going to make because ultimately, that’s completely out of their hands. When you are reliant on the unpredictability of market growth, at best you can only guess what your results might be, if you’re lucky.

I want to help you move from investing like a retail investor and step up into investing like the successful investors do, because successful investors know how to make more money in less time even in a declining property market.

My most recent investment is a duplex that’s going to make me $4,057 in equity, each week over the next 12 months.

The investment that I did a few months before that is making me $3,461 in equity each week.

So combined they are adding $7,518 a week to my portfolio. That’s just over $32,000 a month of predictable and known equity creation.

That’s a pretty good year.

And to give this some important context, at the exact same time, Sydney and Melbourne investors have been losing money. Anyone who tells you that you can’t make money in property right now, they clearly don’t know what they are talking about, they think it can’t be done for one simple reason, it’s because they don’t know how to do it.

It’s thanks to deals like these with instant equity in them, that I was able to create $1.98 million in equity in just 5 years.

Would $1.98 Million In Equity In 5 Years Make You Happy?

If 5 years from today, we looked at your portfolio and thanks to the work we had done together, we had created a portfolio...
 Worth $5.17 million,  that was not only well positioned in growing markets but it had already...
 Created $1.98 million in equity for you

Is that something you’d like to have achieved?

That is averaging $396,000 a year in equity creation and it’s only getting faster and faster for me now.  

I started out with just $39,000 and while I can’t guarantee you this exact result, what I can guarantee you is that the deals I’m putting together today for both myself and my clients, are a lot more profitable than the early ones I did when I first started building this portfolio.

I’m making more per deal, with less effort than I ever have before.

I also want to stress that despite these higher profits, I’m now taking less risk than ever before too.



Your typical investor, they buy at full market value which means they are paying full retail rates. They then cross their fingers and hope that the market grows and that their property increases in value because that is their only plan to make a profit. 

Most retail investors only know how to invest this one way. We call that the buy, hold and pray approach. Because they are praying that the whole property market moves for them and that their property goes up in value with the market too and that they don’t get left behind.

So when you invest this way, you have no control over how you make money and it’s very very slow.


Successful investors, they buy at under market value. So right from the very beginning they start with an equity advantage over the rest of the market place, so they already have profits built in. 

But they don’t stop there. 

They then add value to the property through doing a small development to make even more money from the same property. Building a property like a duplex that you can subdivide pushes the value up even higher again.

You Can Clearly See That For Successful Investors, The Market Growth Is A Bonus, It’s Extra Money, It’s Not Essential To Growing Their Portfolio Like It Is For A Typical Retail Investor.

This is how successful investors make more money in less time. They don’t make the mistake of locking their success into the growth of the market. They keep control of this process by getting into the market with an equity advantage and then adding value to their property with a small development. 


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