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Welcome to Caifu Property

Strategic Planning

Prior to showing you any real estate opportunities we sit down and discuss what is important in your life and what specific goals and objectives you have and how property can assist you in achieving them.

Property Acquisition

We have an entire acqusitions department whose sole purpose is to source, research, negotiate and secure the most exclusive investment opportunities across the country.

Client Services

Through our professional circle, we help you through every step of the purchasing process and ensure that your property investing experience to be stress free, seamless and enjoyable.

Portfolio Management

Portfolio Management is essential to safeguard your investments performance. We provide our clients with the trade secrets that help maximise their investment portfolio and financial success.

We are passionate about real estate and the ability to help our clients grow their wealth through property.

Why work with us

Caifu Property was born through our passionate love of real estate and our ability to help clients grow their wealth through property. We live by the ethos that if you would not help a member of your family purchase the property we are presenting, then it is not worthy enough to present to our clients. We strive on exceeding our clients expectations in all aspects of their investing journey, which ensures that our clients come back to us time and time again.

Property investment knowledge and experience

All members of the Caifu Property team are experts in their fields with years of experience.

100% Personalised Service

Every client has unique and specific needs. We tailor our service to ensure we exceed your expectations every time.

Exclusive access to off market opportunities

On a regular basis Caifu Property are exposed to highly sought after 'off market' opportunities that you can access.

A Successful Community

Join the fantastic Caifu Way Family which puts you amongst some of the best property investors in Australia

Favourable pre-negotiated terms

We negotiate better terms and conditions that ensures the most efficient and safest way to grow / protect your property investment journey.

Ongoing Support

The Caifu Property team give you regular updates and support at every stage of the purchasing process. You can also reach out at any time as we are only a phone call away.


To start investing The Caifu Way and to gain access to our exclusive opportunities, please get in touch!